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Services of REWU

Defend their socio-professional interests; Maintain and develop, among its members, unity and solidarity Represent its members and defend their interests with their respective employers and associations of the latter, with public administration and the judiciary; Contribute to all decisions concerning workers; Ensure strict enforcement of social legislation and respect of collective agreements; Work towards the promotion of democracy and social justice within companies Promote and develop socio-economic actions to improve the welfare of workers Ensure participation of all workers in business management and planning studies to improve their professional awareness and encourage improved performance for high productivity Sensitization among Trade Union members about saving spirit Raising awareness in favor of extractive workers about safety and health protection at work .


  • Promotion of professionalism within extractive sector in Rwanda
  • Inciting global investors to come in our country for investing in this sector due to big number of professional workers already invested in this sector.
  • Fighting against children labour in mines and quarries
  • Uphold the dignity of the labour and preserve, strengthen and protect extractive industry workers rights.
  • Educate, organize and negotiate collective agreements.
  • Enhance workers’ productivity.
  • Promoting the physical, psychological, spiritual, moral, cultural, political and economic well-being of REWU members
  • Build networking, forge partnerships and work concertedly with Rwandan, regional and international trade unions as well as other social partners.
  • Participate effectively in the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, laws and programs for social protection towards economic growth and national edification
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    REWU at the fore front of empowering workers in their struggle for just and human conditions of work to improve the quality of their lives along with contributing to the attainment of social justice and sustainable development in an atmosphere of democracy and solidarity at working place.
    Service 1
    Improve the mining sector,
    Service 2
    Link employees to employers,
    Service 3
    Organise the mining companies
    Service 4
    Service 5
    Conflict management between mining employers and employees,
    Service 6
    Managing the mining employees
    REWU is a Rwandan Extractive industry Workers Union, which is organizing all workers in Mining and Quarry Companies and cooperatives in Rwanda. Given that mining sector is ranked second to boost Rwandan economy, after deep assessment of mining and quarries employees’ problems, given that we are backborn of mining companies growth through advocacy for workers rights and solidality we decided to gather ourselves and put in place a special union for this sector. Due to the efforts of our mobilization team, 2984 members are already registered after one year of existing. We are targeting 34,000 who are working within 500 registered companies and cooperatives involved in this sector .